PASSION is something you can’t buy

Or to put it another way, “you can’t fake personality, passion or purpose”, so says Richard Branson, and who are we to argue?

His three P’s are what Branson lives by when he’s hiring. A successful candidate has to have the right personality to fit in with the culture of his business. Bringing passion to the job they are being hired for and a purpose for the business to make sure it (and they) are heading in the right direction.

While Branson has his three P’s, we have the three C’s – commitment, competence and cultural fit.

Commitment – a candidate who shows commitment and will work to the best of their ability.

Competence – the person with the right set of skills to do the job

Cultural fit – a candidate who will fit into the company’s ethics, their vision and their culture

A company’s culture is defined by its people; that’s why finding the right fit is crucial for continued success. We all know how having the wrong fit can cost a business, not just in terms of time and money but also morale. Nothing can shake up a business more than a person demoralising the troops.

Having a new recruit which fits into what your company thrives for can cost you less in the long run than making a mistake in seeing how they interact during an interview.

Which is why companies can no longer rely on the humble face-to-face interview alone.

Modern businesses should now be focusing more on personality over peers and life experience over simple ladder climbing. The latter will happen once the right candidate with the right attitude is found.

To test for the three C’s you need to see the candidate in action. All you see in an interview is a person in a nice suit, you don’t see the interaction between your customer, the relationship building or the sales pitch.

If you want to see how they work, you have to see how they work. See it with UP!