Who is the candidate behind the CV?


For those of you who are lucky enough to have the job of hiring people, have you noticed that when you receive a candidate’s CV, you only get to hear about the good stuff?

We rarely know whether (a) everything is true and (b) even if most of it’s true, how do we know who the real person is behind the printed words? I read the article below from Recruitment Grapevine last year which although humorous, does ring true to a certain extent doesn’t it?

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Of course, getting recruitment right doesn’t just end with choosing the right CV does it? There’s also the interview. Candidates have become well practiced at interview techniques, knowing what questions will be asked and practising their answers beforehand which isn’t a great start when you’re about to bring someone into your senior management team and can’t afford any mistakes.

So what do you do if you’ve got 4 candidates who are all, on paper, exactly the same, all of them interviewed well so how on earth do you decide who’s right for your business?

If you really want to know if a candidate is right for your business you have to consider doing something else other than just asking a series of questions and, since statistics have proved that most recruitment failures are down to a mis-match in cultural fit, hirers must now consider how to test for behaviour fit as well as competency when bringing new people into the team.