who are you

(And what have you done with the person we saw at the interview?)

Do you ever get the feeling something funny happens to your new recruits between interview and first day? Where does all that drive, energy and performance go? The problem is the traditional interview. They know what’s coming and so do you…… From their perspective they’ve rehearsed their answers perfectly and probably know exactly what you’re going to ask. From your perspective, you have read their CV and prepared a set of questions ready for the interview and it’s all gone really well, the candidate shone and you’ve offered them the job.

But now they’ve started work and it’s a few days/weeks in and you’re wondering why it’s not working. This person said all the right things, they gave you examples of all the great stuff they’ve done in the past and their CV looked amazing, so what’s gone wrong?

Well did you think about what behaviours this person would need in order to fit with your business and your team? If you did how did you test that at the interview? How did you know if the examples they gave you were from their own experience or whether they were just telling you something they’ve seen someone else do or worse still whether they were simply not telling the truth?

Statistics have proven time and time again that when it goes wrong it’s because of a culture mis-match or a behavioural issue, not competence, and from a conventional interview it’s pretty much impossible to test whether a person will fit your organisation by asking them a series of questions they’ve probably practised the answers to many times before.

Let’s face it, the job interview has been around for a long time. Apparently, Thomas Edison conducted the first job interview (on record) in 1921 when he created a written test to evaluate job candidates’ knowledge.  So, ask yourself, what other processes are you still using in your business today which were created nearly 100 years ago?

Obviously, you need to evaluate a candidate somehow but here’s what you will struggle to see at a 1:1 interview:

  • interaction with others
  • teamwork and communication skills
  • relationship building
  • compromise
  • whether they have the capacity to drive everyone nuts?
  • their willingness to dig in when the chips are down.

There are lots more of course but if you’re about to bring in an important recruit these things should be just as important as whether they can do the job or not. At Untapped Potential we do things differently when recruiting people for your business. We test the required behaviours alongside competence so you don’t have to live in hope the person will work out.

Let’s put it another way….. would Gordon Ramsay decide his next sous chef by asking them to talk about the last meal they cooked or would he get them in the kitchen? Would José Mourinho decide upon his new striker by listening to how great they are at scoring goals or would he get them on the pitch? So why in business should things be any different?

If you want to see how they work, you have to see how they work.

Take a look at our short video clip and if you’re struggling with recruitment, please talk to us today.