Unlock Their Potential

Welcome to “Unwrapped” where we share stories on what it takes to build successful teams.

Let’s start with a stat – did you know that around 20 million workers in the UK are not delivering their full capacity or even realising their full potential at work?*

How you can keep a team of individuals engaged at all times. Well, the key word in that last sentence was “individuals”.

A whole team. Of individuals.

With a mix of backgrounds, expertise, loyalties and interests in your team it can be a challenge to work for one common cause.

Think about each team member and their individual personalities. It could be patience, strong-willed, dynamic or analytical – there are dozens of them. A mix of these makes for a good team as it’s always good to know what you are working with. It helps unearth issues before they begin to cause problems for your business. how it work By getting to know the individuals you can build your team.

Untapped Potential knows this, which is why we work alongside ColourWorks a great tool to enable teamwork to be measured and, ultimately, can be used as a benchmark for continued performance improvement.

Their work highlights the strengths on the team and can shine a light on areas where your attention might be needed. There is no right or wrong, each individual has different strengths at the end of the day. Having this clarity can give you the reassurance you need as a leader to take your team forward and achieve your goals together.

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*Engage for Success 2013