for companies to keep good employees

What makes a good anabolicscience worker quit? They are great at their job, they thrive under pressure and have helped your company achieve a healthy profit. Then, without warning, they hand their notice in and walk off into a better paid, better perks, better company and you are left scratching your head as to why.

Here’s our top five tips to keeping hold of your best acquisition:

1. Don’t stress them out!
Stress comes with a lot of positions but adding extra stress to an already stressful job will only lead one way – the your prized possessions walking through the door. Productivity drops when overworked, by all means ask them if they can do that extra hour here and there but to be expected to everyday can, and eventually will, lead to an early exit.

2. Give them an imaginary hug!
We don’t mean cuddle them every morning (as HR might just get involved) but the odd compliment, a “well done” or a simple “thank you” goes a long way to building a better relationship with your employee. If an employee feels under appreciated he/she is more likely to find a company that will – and they are not too difficult to find these days.

3. Choose wisely!
Be the Yoda of judgement. Choose the candidate that wants to work in your company not the one which you sense would demotivate your current staff. Promoting someone who clearly rubs people up the wrong way will act as a catalyst to his/her detractors walking when they might have been a better option.

4. Pursue their passion!
If you can see an employee pursuing what makes them happy then encourage it. Expanding their focus could lead to new opportunities and take the company is a new, exciting direction. Changing direction is good and having the passion to do that should be embraced, so long as it’s for the good of the team.

5. Train them!
If an employee shows an interest in being trained for a new skill don’t dismiss it, embrace it. You never know when it could come in useful. Managing their potential is a never ending task and if they are showing a spark of enthusiasm then light their way.

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