Recruitment – the honeymoon period

handshake (1)

“Congratulations John, the job is yours. When can you start?”

The above line is one of those lines in life you will only hear on the more rarest of occasions.

Next to “I do/will”, “it’s a boy/girl” or even “your application has been accepted” it will be one of those sentences you will remember for a long time.

However, the hard work doesn’t stop there. In fact, it’s probably only just beginning!

You dazzled at the selection day and impressed at the interview stage and your new desk and equipment is waiting for you – which is when the real work starts.

Every new recruit goes through the “new job honeymoon” period, a time when you are getting to know your new surroundings, your colleagues and getting to grips with your daily routine. Everything is new but at the same time, everything is really exciting.

There is no real time-scale on how long this lasts; sometimes weeks, sometimes months and some people feel it from the moment they decide to move onto a new job.

Once the honeymoon kicks in – and really, this should be the moment you start your new job – it’s best not to get too complacent as it’s the most critical time of your fledgling career at your new job.

Here’s some tips on how to impress – and not to annoy – on those first few decisive weeks at work:

Get to know names

You will be introduced to loads of people in your first week, some will be more important to you than others so get to know their names. No-one likes to hear “erm, sorry your name is?” all the time!

Make yourself indispensable

Offer to do things that goes beyond your contract but try not to ruffle any feathers, you don’t want to be stepping on toes so early in your career.

Brew up!

One of the best ways to become a star in the office is to offer to make brews in your first week – or better still bring in some goodies – to cement your new found friendship with colleagues.

Gem up

No doubt you’ll already be on first name terms with management but to really understand the business you need to research their history, their achievement and what they’ve struggled with. You never know, a suggestion on improving the latter might get you some kudos.

Relax (but not too much)

The job is yours so go in each day fresh, full of confidence and do your best. Just don’t go putting your feet on the desk just yet, be sure they are firmly under the desk and you are concentrating on being the person you were recruited for.