Don’t change you people, change your people!


Why do so many of us put up with poor performance? At one of my CEO meetings last week the speaker asked the question ” How many of you have a poor performer you have not dealt with yet”?

Astonishingly most present admitted to unresolved problems with staff. Perhaps it isnt astonishing at all. We do not like confrontation, we may be scared of unfair dismissal claims or we may feel under pressure to sort out more pressing matters.

Someone once said to me that once they knew someone was past helping they had never regretted getting rid of someone too soon.

I also believe that frequently as managers we are poor at communicating exactly what it is we want, resulting in poor performance or lack of understanding by the employee.

Its really simple.

  1. Tell them clearly what is expected and be specific
  2. Tell them when it is expected by
  3. explain what will happen if they do not deliver ( this does not necessarily mean discipline but could mean that you will be talking to them again to find out why)

If you do not deal with it it sends out a very clear message that you are happy to tolerate second best or worse

When you do deal with it you get the reward of not just improved performance but a much better working atmosphere.