The Selection Day is designed around the role.  We tailor the exercises that we run to the job that you are recruiting for. For example, if we are running a Selection Day for a sales role then we will run sales specific exercises, how to close a sale perhaps or how to run a successful negotiation.  Things which are difficult to test for at a conventional interview.

Specifically the day is designed to look at three distinct areas which will determine the success of the role:

  • Competence (can they do the job)
  • Commitment (do they seem keen to come and work with you)
  • Cultural Fit (does their personality fit that of your business)
We want to ensure that you find the right people for your business and by creating a Selection Day which tests personality traits as well as competency to do the job we find this process is much more successful.

It’s much more about creating a two way process which works for you as the recruiter and the candidate who is considering the role. Our success rate really does speak to for itself, currently our success rate is 85% against a national average (using the traditional method) of around 46%.
A lot of candidates are well versed in the “interview” style of recruiting and will be extremely practised at answering some of the generic interview questions that will be asked.  This does not really tell you whether that person can do the job, whether they are right for your business or whether they are the right “fit”. 

They may look good on paper and sound great at the interview but this still does not really test their ability to do the job.  Our Selection Days get right under the skin of the candidates and you get to see them showcasing their talents instead of talking about them!
We advertise on a carefully selected range of online job boards.  We only use the ones which are suitable for your role and which have performed well for us on previous occasions for similar roles.
We will agree the sift criteria with you beforehand (4/5 must haves and 2/3 nice to haves) and only the candidates who score highly in each of these areas will be invited to attend.
We will talk to you in a lot of detail before the event about what to expect on the day and you will be assessing the candidates during each exercise.

You will also be asked to run a short presentation about the business, about the role and about the person you are looking for.  After which, we will ask you to take part in a short Q&A, where the candidates get to put questions to you which they feel would help them feel better informed about whether the job is right for them.
We aim to get 12 candidates in attendance for you to consider but this largely depends on how many candidates are shortlisted, how many are invited and, ultimately, how many candidates arrive on the day.
At the conclusion of the day, we will discuss with you who we believe has performed consistently in all of the exercises we have ran, we may ask you to score your top candidates but these candidates are coming to work for you and not us and ultimately the decision will be yours with regards to who is taken back for final interview.

The idea is that anyone in the room can do the job “on paper” but you are looking for the person who is the right “fit” as well as their competency to do the job.
We will ask you to provide a date for final interview before the day ends and we will contact the candidates after the event on your behalf. 

We will inform both the successful and unsuccessful candidates of the outcome and provide feedback to those who request it.  We can arrange  the final interviews on your behalf if this is required and will also provide our suggested format for the final stage.