Helping you to create a top scoring team

At Untapped Potential we are using groundbreaking methods to recruit top performers who fit with your team and using coaching and mentoring skills we develop your existing senior team members into inspirational managers.


Recruiting the right people

Getting recruitment right is critical and bringing new people in to the team should take the team forward as new skills and abilities are brought to the company. Relying on interviews to get this right is risky with statistics frighteningly showing that only 56% of new recruits work out through this accepted but out dated method.

We will show you a number of first rate candidates working co-operatively (but competitively) together in work related tasks. Imagine a group of candidates engaged in a negotiation exercise and you will easily see who can negotiate and has the right skill level. How much more powerful is this than asking questions to establish their competence! By working for several hours with preferred candidates rather than just interviewing them, you will get a much better idea of who will fit best with your organisation.