Candidate Testimonials

…I just wanted to express, my thanks for what after much apprehension turned out to be a most enjoyable assessment day. I was almost put off applying for the job as the idea of an assessment day filled me with horror – but after a comforting, reassuring conversation with Laura that it would be like no other selection day I had endured or heard of I took the plunge!  And I am so glad I did, the day was so much better than my expectations, at times I forgot I was there for job interview. It was great to meet other candidates and interesting to see how I reacted to the situations we were given. I would recommend Untapped Potential and the assessment day process to anyone and would say don’t let the thought of the whole day put you off – you may, as I did, take alot away from the day -possibly even a job! Fingers crossed for the second part in my case!!

I am looking forward to my second interview and thank you for the chance to show my skills in such a unique innovative way.

Candidate from a Business Development Manager selection day
…I found the day to be without doubt the most personally rewarding selection process I have ever attended.  It was professional, stimulating and mentally challenging.  Irrespective of whether I am successful in my application, I would not hesitate to recommend Untapped Potential to any employer who really wants to find out what makes potential new staff tick.  Would you please pass on my thanks to the Untapped Potential team for an excellent day.
Candidate from an Operations Director Selection day
My initial reaction was to give the day a miss, what is after all an unorthodox and potentially intimidating experience was a substantial commitment time wise. Having gone through the process though I must say I am now a convert; not only did I find the process from a personal stand point enlightening and refreshing with regard to my own attitudes, I also feel absolutely sure that as a potential employer it would be hard to find a better method by which to cut through any well polished presentation skills and search out the most suitable candidate’.
Candidate from an Export Sales Manager Selection day

Meeting the “Chiefs” was great – it gave an immediate “feel” to what the company values really are.  The staff too talk too! – that really is different – even if they were primed (only joking) – it was a tremendous plus. It was helpful to talk openly and get to know some of them and how they liked working for the company.  To have a full day and meet so many talented people was also an opportunity to learn from others.  I also picked up some new terms too, like “Blob of detail” – “violent agreement” to name but two.

I would definitely encourage associates to look at this route for recruitment at all levels as it’s well known people loose positions for attitude and not ability.  It is also far more productive from the companies’ perspective and saves loads of time.

To sum up “The most fun in a suit”

Candidate from a Group Technical Director Selection day
Please pass on my thanks to Peter & Richard for what was a truly enjoyable selection day. I believe that it is an excellent approach to the selection of personnel and one that enables all candidates to be compared on an even playing field (far better than subjective selection via a series of interviews). Of those other candidates that I chatted with after the day, all were agreed that the process was an excellent one and that everyone was given the chance to show how they were equipped to contribute.  Thanks again for the day; it’s about time more employers’ utilized methods such as these to select their staff.
Candidate from a Managing Director Selection day
Initially, I was reluctant to travel from Edinburgh, however, after going through the selection process I am sure that I would have missed a great experience if I would have not made it. It was not only very exciting but also provided a great medium to discover about myself in terms of my strengths and weaknesses. Please convey my special thanks to Richard and Peter for making it a wonderful day.  I hope and wish other companies also adopt a similar recruitment procedure.
Candidate from a Head of Sales Selection day

Many thanks for inviting me to be part of the assessment day.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and on reflection (3 hours in the car home) I realized how much I got from the day and value of the day in the recruitment process.
Candidate from a Sales Manager Selection day
I would like to thank you for a fabulous day I had yesterday – its difficult finding the correct fit for employee and employer however I found your methods rather enterprising, it was a totally fair selection process and I never thought I was being interviewed at all.

It was such a refreshing style I would actually do it again just for the experience when is the next one?  I would like to add the calibre of candidates you found where excellent well done.

Candidate from a Head of Sales Selection day
First of all Congratulations on a very successful and very enjoyable selection day for XXXX.  Definitely a win- win situation. I would like to say thank you to both and your team for your investment of time.  I very much enjoyed our meetings and the preparation that went into them.
Candidate from a Sales Manager Selection day
I am delighted to say that I have been offered the position with xxx and accepted without hesitation, I again wanted to convey my sincere thanks to the Untapped Potential team. I firmly believe that the process and content of the assessment day helped to highlight the qualities I believed I had and, more importantly the ones the client sought, I would highly recommend your company and process to anyone..
Candidate from a Category Buyer Selection Day


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