Are you doing what you can to support your staff?


People are our greatest asset. Blah, Blah, Blah…………..We hear it all the time but do we invest in them as much as we could (or should?)

There is a temptation to spend more time on those who are struggling and let the top performers carry on being brilliant. The problem is we all need fresh inspiration on a regular basis, not just the odd training course every other year.

Critical team members need influencing from outside the organisation and to meet others who share similar responsibilities. This is fundamentally important to prevent them becoming just a cog in the machine when they could be outstanding in helping you jump forward to the next stage in your business.

Do your key players challenge you regularly or just get on with doing their day to day tasks? Is there a yawning gap between you and the next level of management? Do you want them to just step up to the plate more? Well guess what you may need to do a bit more than just wondering what is holding them back.

We run a group for Directors from all sorts of sizes and types of businesses. Like our CEO groups they get inspiration from top speakers and from each other in a full day once a month.

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