Who we are

Untapped Potential provides a full and comprehensive range of recruitment services to suit business people of all levels of expertise.

We are far more than just a recruitment company - we will help you find people who fit with your team. We do this through very different methods of recruitment that test candidate ability in front of you. We're all highly trained performance coaches too.

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What we do

We specialise in putting great candidates in front of you. This is not through the usual method of conducting interviews (most applicants are far too practiced at them anyway).

We use a multitude of methods to get the most out of your recruitment process. We'll show you up to 12 of the best applicants performing tasks related to the job, so you can see what they can do rather than listen to them telling you!

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There is no doubt in my mind that the money we spent has been more than amply repaid in the avoidance of a crucial potential mis-hiring. Read More

...There is nothing better for really getting a feel for the people you have decided to see. Not only does the employer get real useable results quickly, but the process is beneficial, honest, respectful and great fun for the people being interviewed. Read More

Untapped Potential is our first point of call for all our senior executive recruitment needs...; they bring out the best and the worst in people! Read More    


...when a position becomes open that requires a high competency in soft skills...then the Untapped Potential process really comes into its own. Read More

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The process is infinitely better than the conventional interview system – both for the company and the candidate. I would highly recommend Untapped Potential to anyone looking to change the way they recruit for the better. Read More

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...Untapped Potential's work is carried out with meticulous professionalism. My business has taken significant steps forward since I met Peter and his team. Read More


Companies We’ve Helped

Some of the companies we've helped recruit excellent applicants over the years.

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